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The Characters

Abraham leads this team of slayers of the Slayer Society. Each person has a specific skill that contributes to the group, and they must teach these skills to Joss for him to become the next ultimate slayer.

After losing his sister to the hands of a vampire, Joss is training to be the next slayer. Training him is his Uncle Abraham, as well as seven other slayers of the Slayer Society, but he’s uncertain of Joss’s capabilities. Joss must prove that he can become what is expected of him, but does he belong? Will he avenge Cecile?

joss mcmillan

Abraham is the strongest slayer of his generation, and now he has to train his nephew, Joss, to carry on the expectations of his bloodline, despite his strong doubts in the child. Abraham has to harshly test Joss to prepare him for the trials of being a vampire slayer, which turns out to be a test for Abraham himself.

Sirus is the caretaker of the slayer team and the father of Kat. He shows the most compassion towards Joss during his training, but the rest of the team questions Sirus’s loyalty. His ways go against protocol, and could get him removed from the Slayer Society, or worse...

Daughter of Sirus, Kat is the same age as Joss and doesn’t know about the Slayer Society or her father’s involvement. She helps take care of the team, but she’d rather be at home with her bug collection. Although girls make Joss uncomfortable, perhaps there is something budding between Kat and him? Has Joss found a girl he can actually be friends with?